FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I contact the Registration Office at the Lawrence Hall of Science?
Phone us at 510-642-5134, email us at lhsreg@berkeley.edu, or send a fax to us at 510-643-0994.

How do I create an account?
Select the Login option at the top of the page. Choose the affiliation that applies to you, and choose the Continue button. If you are an LHS Member, or other non-UC Berkeley affiliate you will have the option to create an account. Your username must be a valid and complete email address.

What is my login account?
If you are a University of California, Berkeley Student, Staff or Faculty member you may login by using the campus option then entering your CalNet ID.

The general public, schools and groups, and members of the Hall not associated with campus may login by using the Community ID option, then creating an account or logging into your new account. We require names, addresses, and a telephone number as we may need to contact you about your bookings. If you will be booking on behalf of a dependent (for a camp or homeschool class, for example), you will be asked for the child’s name. We do not share your information outside of the Lawrence Hall of Science. We do not retain credit card information.

Why am I not receiving the Hall Member pricing?
Check that your valid Lawrence Hall of Science Member number is entered in the Member ID field in your account. If you are purchasing your membership online, you must fully complete the sale and checkout before you will see Member pricing. If you still have trouble or the number is missing or incorrect, please contact us for assistance.

Why do some items have two prices?
We offer member pricing for some of our classes and events. Where two prices are shown, the lower is for members. There is no member pricing for School or Organization visits.

Am I really receiving Member pricing?
Once you log in you will only see one price. If you are a valid member in the system, you will see lower members-only prices. If you see non-member prices please contact us so we may adjust your account to receive member-discounted pricing.

Why do I have to fill out a request form?
We offer a very flexible schedule and range of topics for our group visits and other activities such as birthday parties. This flexibility means we cannot offer a simple ‘shopping cart’ of events - there are too many permutations. The request forms allow our staff to create a custom booking, or to offer alternatives if your first choice is unavailable.

How do I update a Health Form if it shows in my account as complete and is not editable?
Health Forms, due to sensitive HIPAA data, are stored on a separate secure server and are not editable. If you need to make a change, please submit a new one. Log in to your online account in our Educational Store, then go to My Profile, then My Forms and scroll down to the pull-down menu in the "Fill out Forms" section. Locate the form and fill it out again.

How do Waitlists work?
There is no cost for signing up to be on a waitlist. Sign up online for a waitlist and someone from Registration will contact you if a space becomes available and you are next on the waitlist.

How will you contact me?
Most communication will be by email so if you have a spam filter, please be sure to add our email address lhsreg@berkeley.edu to your contacts folder.

For Schools and Organizations

What is a Workshop?
A Workshop is a hands-on class. Workshops are normally held at the Hall.

What is a Science Show?
A Science Show is a series of practical demonstrations with some audience participation. It is usually held at your school or organization, but may also be run at the Hall.

What is a Festival?
A Festival is a set of table-top activities for hands-on investigation. Festivals are normally held at your school or organization.

Payment by Check/Purchase Order
Check and PO payments are offered to pre-approved organizations and schools for group bookings. Payment must be received in advance of the date of the program either within 30 days after making the booking or 6 weeks in advance of the program (whichever comes first).

Please see our School Refund Policy

How do I find out what I have purchased recently?
Once you are logged in, click the MY PROFILE link towards the top of the page, then select "Recent Purchases" from the list.

What are Incomplete Forms?
If a Form is ‘saved for later’ it is shown as Incomplete. It may also have a status of Rejected if one of our staff found an error, or if you asked for a late change. You may edit and resubmit a Rejected Form.

Why is my Form shown as Pending Review?
If a Form requires some administrative action on our end before completion, such as the reservation of a room for a class, it will be marked as Pending Review. Once the Form has been reviewed it will normally be marked as Complete.

Why do you need Waivers?
In general, a waiver is required by the University of California for insurance purposes. It lays down the expected responsibilities of the Hall and the visitor.

For Individuals

Payment by credit card
We offer immediate payment via credit card using a secure site. Neither the Lawrence Hall of Science nor University of California at Berkeley retain credit card information. Purchase Orders and payments by check are not accepted for individual (birthday, homeschool, camps, Young Explorers etc.) events.

Please see our Summer Camp Refund Policy

Please see our Winter Camp and Family Programming Refund Policy

Why do you ask for medical information?
We require medical information for children participating in camps or other events where the parents are not present, and the visit is not under the control of a school. This is so that we may arrange appropriate emergency care should the need arise, and so that we have full contact details. This information is stored on a highly secure server separate from the normal booking system. It can only be accessed by camp staff via specially designated workstations.

How do I get Member pricing?
You will receive Member pricing when you are logged into an account with a valid membership number. Only Lawrence Hall of Science Members may receive the member pricing. Learn more about Member savings on summer camps.

Membership FAQ web page

Special Events

Private Parties & Meetings
A Spectacular Setting for Your Special Event

Whether it’s the most important day of your life or the business meeting that seals the deal, Lawrence Hall of Science offers you an unforgettable venue for your special event.

Our panoramic Bay view, dynamic science exhibits, and personal attention will allow you to focus on what matters most—enjoying your important day.

Lawrence Hall of Science Virtual Tour
Join us for your next:
  • Wedding or rehearsal dinner
  • Business meeting or retreat
  • Conference
  • Holiday office party
  • Milestone or special occasion
  • Bat or Bar Mitzvah
  • Reunion
Daytime Event FAQ web page
Evening Event FAQ web page